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Jason the content librarian

Jason’s discussion is based “on imitation and stealing in library innovation.” Libraries today have a trend like approach when it comes to technology, as Jason rightly said they all have a “lack of strategy.” So they would use the regular social networks such as Flicker or Facebook to attract users but are not interested with the new technologies for example social bookmarking a popular one is delicious which shares library resources with staffs and patrons.  They feel these technology will lead the library to features that weren’t originally planned and resulting risk to product quality or schedule but libraries can resolve this problem with the help of web experts. Therefore a library cannot be both successful and original by imitating and copying each other but rather focusing on the interests and needs of their audience and this can be accomplished by librarians finding out how proficient their target audiences are using new technologies, also libraries need to determine whether the new technologies are relevant and interesting.

Jason the content librarian


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