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Grandma’s Home Remedies

I’m diverting away from library services, I found this heath blog interesting it’s on home remedies.

Anybody interested can view the link below:

Grandma’s Home Remedies

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

A polite librarian is a good librarian.

These posts range from how to prepare for job interviews, comical tips on how to keep your library quiet, or how to entertain your students. (For instance, if students are drifting off during your library instruction class, the blogger suggests that you can always “lower the lights, turn up the heat, and consider getting a mentor to coach you through the intricacies/details of mass education.”)

Interested? Please click on link below:

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette


One Librarian’s Book Reviews

Here is a blog I found specified only for book reviews. The librarian responsible for these reviews had in mind teachers who may want to read aloud a book in class or just know about content.  The librarian wants to appeal to parents who may not have time to read every book their child or teen wants to read, but still will want to be aware of its general content.  Or, they may be useful for those who tend to avoid books with too much of a certain kind of content.  They in no way should be considered as attempts to ban or censor books, since she does not condone such doings.  All ratings represent the librarian’s own opinion and may not match up with another’s opinion of a book or its content.

Check out this blog below:

One Librarian’s Book Reviews

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