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8 Amazing libraries (and one That’s Horrible)

The abandon library in Russia is a sight I would not want to personally experience. Libraries are around for centuries and therefore should be valued and respected I compare it to the ‘Bible’ a source preserved for a benefit today. A library is a collection of materials arranged in order for use  then it should look that way.


This is the link to this blog 8 Amazing libraries (and one That’s Horrible)


Through the lenses of A Librarian of the Caribbean

I appreciate what the librarian is doing; visiting Caribbean libraries  for example in Anguilla, St Kitts etc.

I was really enlightened to see how far library services have evolved over the years. What a worthwhile sacrifice. As a future library paraprofessional living in Trinidad I would love to visit my neighboring (Caribbean) libraries.

This is the link to view the libraries that were visited by the librarian Through the lenses of A Librarian of the Caribbean

Grandma’s Home Remedies

I’m diverting away from library services, I found this heath blog interesting it’s on home remedies.

Anybody interested can view the link below:

Grandma’s Home Remedies

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

A polite librarian is a good librarian.

These posts range from how to prepare for job interviews, comical tips on how to keep your library quiet, or how to entertain your students. (For instance, if students are drifting off during your library instruction class, the blogger suggests that you can always “lower the lights, turn up the heat, and consider getting a mentor to coach you through the intricacies/details of mass education.”)

Interested? Please click on link below:

A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

One Librarian’s Book Reviews

Here is a blog I found specified only for book reviews. The librarian responsible for these reviews had in mind teachers who may want to read aloud a book in class or just know about content.  The librarian wants to appeal to parents who may not have time to read every book their child or teen wants to read, but still will want to be aware of its general content.  Or, they may be useful for those who tend to avoid books with too much of a certain kind of content.  They in no way should be considered as attempts to ban or censor books, since she does not condone such doings.  All ratings represent the librarian’s own opinion and may not match up with another’s opinion of a book or its content.

Check out this blog below:

One Librarian’s Book Reviews

Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day

Another public holiday is upon us the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day on Friday 30th March 2012.

The following article taken from the Trinidad Express Newspapers gives information on the Spiritual Baptiste in Trinidad and Tobago which includes the struggle Archbishop Griffith experienced for recognition.

Please Read.

The hero of Shouter Baptists

Library Jobs

A library job should always be considered as a viable option for providing a long-term and stable career choice, one that can provide an avenue to a number of differing goals, from service rendered to the public to staking out a place in academic culture. Though library jobs are sometimes stereotypically associated with a cliché of old-fashioned, anachronistic forms of information technology such as filing cabinets and microfilm media archives, the profession of a librarian is argued by many involved in the field to be one closely linked with the cusp of emerging media technology in the digitally driven age. A library job necessitates an acquaintance and level of comfort with the proliferating array of tools being offered through online functions for the sorting of, access to and utilization of information. By offering the librarian a wide exposure to such skills, advocates for the library field argue that the holder of a library job can attain a unique and secure vantage point in the new media world. Library jobs have already been transformed greatly by the growth in Internet usage and increased sophistication in digitally based filing systems, and is predicted by today’s librarians to be facing a new slew of promising changes and innovations in the future.

Hi everyone

My name is Natalie Thomas and this is my third year pursuing Library Studies.

I hope you all are enjoying Computer Applications in Libraries as I am, if wasn’t for this course I wouldn’t have known how to create my own blog so I’m excited for weeks to come to learn more and at the end  accomplish a lot.

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